Osceola County Attorney TERMINATED!!


During what seemed to be a normal County Board Meeting a unexpected motion was made.  Everything seemed to go forward like a normal meeting.  At 7:48 the County Attorney was asked if he had a report and he replied no report.  The city manager also gave no report. After some other business around 12:40 Commissioner Cheryl Grieb made a motion that part of the content was not caught on the microphone.

This ended up being a motion to terminate the county attorney immediately and without cause. According to his contract, he is received three months of severance and they decided to add for taxpayers to pay six months of cobra insurance. Commissioner Peggy Choudhry asked for the purpose of it and was informed it is without cause. Commissioner Ricky Booth asked if there was a plan to move forward. Commissioner Grieb stated they would discuss that after the motion. Commissioner Choudhry also wanted clarification about moving forward and was assured this is the normal process. They then decided to vote and the motion passed 5 to 0 Frank Townsend has appointed as interim county attorney. Then they adjourned the meeting.


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