Seminole County provides homebound residents vaccines


Two weeks ago Seminole County posted a message asking residence not to pre-register for a vaccine through the state run website.  The message was:

HOW TO BOOK A VACCINE APPOINTMENT THROUGH SEMINOLE COUNTY: Seminole County is still reviewing the State’s COVID-19 Vaccination registration system. As feedback from other counties has been mixed, Seminole County has elected to not add additional stress to our residents by going with a system that still has bugs. Once there are more counties utilizing the system and the system is working at peak efficiency, Seminole County will reconsider moving to the system.

Please DO NOT use the pre-registration portal and expect to be contacted when appointments are available. The State of Florida has not provided this data to the counties and Seminole County has no way to retrieve it.

Check out for more information on how to obtain a vaccine in Seminole County. As new vaccine shipments are received, appointments will be posted to the vaccine section each Tuesday.

Additionally, we ask any individual who has an appointment they do not plan to use, to please cancel their appointment. Cancelling unwanted appointments allows availability for those in need to schedule while also ensuring no vaccine doses are left unused.

One of the items they have provided is a program for residents over the age of 65 that are homebound.  Over 400 homebound residents have been vaccinated. The Florida Division of Emergency Management also rolled out a similar program that set aside 1500 doses for the program and began with the vaccination of 750 Holocaust survivors.  In Seminole County there are requirements.  They need to ensure the person is homebound and does not have a caregiver that could take them to a center.  “Each request is evaluated on a case by case basis. If other accommodations can be made, those will be discussed with the person making the request.” stated Seminole County’s Emergency Manager Alan Harris.

Currently the Seminole County government website states: APPOINTMENTS FOR AGE 65+/NON-HOSPITAL HEALTHCARE WORKER COVID-19 VACCINES ARE FILLED COMPLETELY. But county officials stress homebound residents should call their hotline number at (407) 665-0000.


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