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February 2nd I was told to try this cool new game, so I watched a few videos and decided to download it.  four hours later I decided it was good but will have to try it some more later.  First off Valheim is a survival based game in a Viking-themed world.  It supports up to 10 players at this time. Within the first 10 days it has earned an “Overwhelming Positive” review status on Steam. So far the graphics are average and have a very Norse themed feel.  There are a number of references to Norse gods like Odin. Within eight days it already sold one million copies!!!. Valheim has already managed to overtake popular and more expensive games like World of Warcraft, PUBG, and Among Us in just seven days.

First off this game is so much fun. I have over 27 hours in it already and the developers have only put out 50% of what they have planned. This game has a slow start where you are guided by a crow to understand the mechanics of the game. You learn to collect and eat food, craft weapons and tools and make a workbench.  Now this will open up a lot of options for you.  You can now build around the workbench walls, floors, roof parts, and tables chairs etc.  The building takes a bit to get used to but this game does a number of things right. First of cold make a big difference in this game.  Rest also increases recover speed of stamina.  But the cool part is an eye for detail. you need to have a roof over the fire or it will get wet. But the fire creates smoke, and that smoke needs to vent.  So you have to build a path to allow the fire not to get wet but still get the smoke out of the building.

Now you have the hunting.  This is well done.  You learn to sneak up to deer so that you can hunt your prey.  Again with the eye for detail, the developers have added wind to the game and so if you are downwind of a deer it can smell you. So you get to work on your position as you sneak up on a deer.  This level of detail is what you would expect from a $50 game. The combat is great and crafting is easy.  Some issues like no cost to repair weapons or armor and getting stuck on logs just show some areas the developer needs to work on.  Once you advance past deer and boar you really get to some fun. When you fight your first troll you can see the benefit of playing with friends.

Now friends really do make this game more fun. being able to build together is great since the game is setup for PVE by default. This allows for group fights and the ability to share boxes and building areas.  Now there is a PVP option but I have not tested it as of yet.  So far you can ether allow everyone on the server to see your location or not.  There is no team settings or options for group clans etc.

After many hours of game play I can strong recommend this game for any survival fans. If you are a fan of vikings then you will be in for a treat.  Being able to repair at no cost and getting all your resources back when you destroy an item just makes playing easier for new people.  Another cool thing is that your characters transfer from one server to another so you do not have to grind again and again when you play with friends.  But it is so much fun that you might want to go ahead and start a new character to enjoy advancing with your friends.

7.8 Awesome
  • Replayability 7.6
  • Graphics 5.5
  • Gameplay 8.2
  • Value for Price 10
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

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