TAMPA cracks down on bar with threat of liquor license


The city council in Tampa held a hearing to considering suspending the license for the ability to sell alcohol for a number of bars in the Tampa area. The bars reviews were MacDinton’s Irish Pub, Tangra Nightclub and Ybor Cigar Plus. Officials said that each of the bars received warnings and at least two citations and now they need to have a hearing.

MacDinton’s Irish Pub had legal representation which asked the council for a continuance, which they received. They will be reviewed on March 8th.

Photo evidence was provided from two Tampa Code Enforcement officers about the lack of mask wearing from patrons on the club.  You can see the photo where a woman does not have her mask covering her face while another has it half way down and looks like she just make take a drink. But all the staff have masks and well when you have a bar full of people is is very easy to get a photo of at least one person at one time not wearing one.

So the end result both bars received a three day punishment where they are not allowed to sell alcohol. They they have 90 days to come into compliance with the law. Now we did notice a slight difference.  Tangra Nightclub’s license was suspended for March 25th, 26th, and the 27th which is Thursday, Friday and Saturday which are very busy bar nights.  But Ybor Cigars’ license was suspended for February 22nd, 23rd, and 24th which are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday which are very light bar nights.  No reason was giving for why Ybor Cigars was closed on slow nights, but to their credit their legal council did decided to forego the hearing and just take the punishment saving the council time and energy.

“We’re not doing this cause we’re against bars and pubs in Ybor. We support the bars and pubs in Ybor. But everybody has to pull together on this for the health and safety of our community. That’s what this is all about,” said City Council Member John Dingfelder.

Of coarse this is not done yet.  Monday they have reviewed Purple Heart Bar Lounge and Grill and decided to delay a decision until the next full city council meeting can be made which will be in March because the council was split about whether they have violated the rules. They also reviewed 7th & Grove which is owned by doctors.

“We have seen the ramification of this virus first hand in our practices and understand that this is something not to be taken lightly,” said Dr. Jamaris Glenn, one of the business’s owners. “Suspending our liquor license would absolutely devastate our business and impact our employees and vendors.”

And the council did decide that this business DID violate the rules but they are not going to punish them. Club Prana and The Ritz Ybor were delayed till March along with MacDinton’s Irish Pub.

Now the council has said that these mask rules have been out for a while and over 90 percent of businesses are able to follow them, so it is possible to make money in Tampa while following the rules.  Hundreds of warning to local business have been given out.


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