New Sculptures on display at Orange County Administration Center


The Orange County Arts and Culutral Affaird department, run by Terry Olson is rolling out the installation of four new large sculpture for the Sculpture on the Lawn exhibition.  Located outside the Orange County Administration Center, this exhibit feature artwork from artist who are providing their work on loan and are available for purchase.

A virtual grand opening will occur March 2, 2021 at 7:00pm.  It is completely hosted on the internet and it is setup so those attending can ask question of the artist. The new artwork include “Got Juice?” from Stephen Landis, from Loveland, Co. This was inspired by his composite interest in the sculpture of Henry Moore, Fernando Botero, August Rodin, and the cartoons of Katzenjammer Kids.

Another piece is “I went to See” by Aaron Alderman from Brevard, NC.  He said it started with a few simple lines depicting a figure in a boat, and those linew were then sketched onto steel telling the story of a introspective journey with a fish’s point of view.  Also include is the piece “Gaia” from Donald Gialanella from St. Petersburg, FL who said that his monumental stainless steel head is named after the ancestral source of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess, Gaia.  This is the third sculpture that Mr. Gialanella has displayed in this program.

“People are already letting me know their favorites, and everyone has different favorites,” said Terry Olson, Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs. “I’m always delighted when I go to the Orange County Administration Center and see someone stopping to look more closely at a sculpture or read the accompanying information. And when the sculptures are properly lit at night, it changes the entire character of this area in a very delightful way.”


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