Trump attorney argues with CBS reporter over style of question


Defense attorney Michael van der Veen joined CBSN’s Lana Zak to discuss the result of the trial of Former President Trump. During the interview the attorney for former President Trump stated that the house managers attempted to doctor evidence that was submitted to the court. In response that that statement the reporter asked to clarify what was doctored for her listeners. She said to be clear it was a verified check mark on Twitter and a 2020 that was changed to 2021 as well as possible selective editing of footage. With that the defense attorney states “is that not enough for you”  You can clearly see he is upset and the way it was made to seem like it is was a little thing.  He went on to say that any doctoring of evidence is wrong no matter how small it was.  He went on to explain how those minor details could make a major difference in a case.

Then he went on about how the media is biased for ratings and that she should report on her stories similar in style to PBS where they have the integrity to only report the truth and not sensationalize it.  At that point she stated she only said it to clarify to the viewers and started to close the interview by stating “ Michael van der Veen  thank you for joining us” with that he said “yep Citizen and took off the microphone and dropped it on the ground.

Of coarse CBS posts this on its youtube channel with the Title Trump attorney rips off mic after questioning from CBSN anchor.  (a great title to grab shares and clicks)  Watch the video for yourself. The interview starts at 3:00 and at 4:45 he explains about the doctoring of evidence.


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