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So I purchased this game looking forward to a number of hours and growth to build an awesome tavern. For the most part it is good. But there are a few areas that are lacking. You are offered to get resources by the use of hero. (great idea) But there is a cap on the amount you can hold and some of the events require 80 mushrooms even though you can only hold 50. This means you can never do that event. Not sure if this was just a mistake or intended to drive people insane. The game is repetitive after a while and runs better at full speed. The research is fast until you want to get to the third floor. The developer is by himself so I give him credit for a job well done, but there is still much work to be done for this to be a great game that is replay ability. Right now after 8 hours I have kind of seem most that it has to offer. I was hoping for more. I will look forward to updates. It is a good game to try and enjoy so do go buy the game, but don’t expect more than 10 man hours out of it in its current state.

Now the good stuff. The game is entertaining, you get to hire staff: bartenders, waitresses, chefs, and even a security guard.  You have to keep them happy or they quite. You can raise your prices to reduce the number of customers and less work means happier staff.  It is attractive but the research system is slow.  But for the price it is good.  This was a nice find for a time killer but it does not have much replay ability so eight to ten hours of fun and then it starts to get repetitive.

7.3 Fun but needs Work
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