Florida to get Hard Mountain Dew


Like we don’t have enough Florida Man Memes, Pepsi Co has decided that Florida will be one of three states to release their new product Hard Mountain Dew. With flavors like Original, Black Cherry, Baja Blast, and Watermelon this will sure to do well. More states will also get this product over time by a company named Blue Cloud Distribution, which is a entity created by Pepsi Co and Boston Beer Company solely for the purpose of distributing this new product.
The new Dew will be 100 calories and be served in 24 ounce cans or 12 packs of 12 ounce cans. They will be offering sugar free versions as well. They will be hitting the shelves in Florida, Tennessee, and Iowa. The company has not disclosed which locations will carry the product as of yet. But we are certain it won’t take long.


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