Discrimination for political opinions


I find it very interesting that the left will celebrate forcing a business to provide service they don’t want to (ie a wedding cake) to someone but be upset for a business not refusing to provide a service to someone they disagree with. How can the liberals want it both ways.

Most of the conservatives that I know want the left to run businesses and to make money. They want you to provide services and learn about being responsible for your own needs. Many business owners end up moving to conservative ideas over time.

But this is a shift to attack the very ability for a conservative to make a living. In this free country I have no problem with people choosing to change their provider for music hosting because they are unhappy with the service provided. But to decide publicly to attempt to get many people to leave and hurt a company to force them to remove a conservative client kinda reminds me back when groups of people would ban the use of a company when they provided service to someone of a different color that they did not like or agree with. History is repeating itself but instead of by race we are discriminating by political biases. When will we learn. When we stop or hurt people’s ability to earn an income for their family we all lose.


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