Gratitude Coffee closes after six years in College Park


After six years in College Park, Jen Hackney from Gratitude Coffee has closed their doors.  Jen gained a large customer base as a coffee truck and decided to open her brick and mortar location in College Park.  She has run Gratitude Coffee for years catering to lots of morning walkers and dog owners.  Offering dog treats and water to dogs while their owner get coffee has been a great way to many in College Park to enjoy their mornings for the last six years.

Lucky for the community Jen has decided to sell her business to Matt and April Guldi of Cups and Pups Coffee.  Continuing the tradition of a Dog-friendly coffee location, they plan for a soft open in April.  During the Month of March the Guldis have spent a few day at the location meeting the regular clients and their dogs.

We will continue Gratitude’s dog-friendly policy – with dog treats and the dog bowl out front and the dogs are welsome to come inside.  Our long-term vision has always been to have a dog park with a coffee shop… This is the first stop on the way there

The Guldis also started their business on the road. They have been serving coffee out of an Airstream in Lockhart.  Being such a similar startup story as Jen they really feel like: “We get each other!” Said Guldi. Cups and Pups with do their soft open in April and will have an official grand opening set for May 1st.

Jen has been a part of the College Park community for years providing conversation and joy to everyone around her.  She will be missed as she starts her next chapter of her adventure of life.


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